Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lousy Job

After having our little girl, we decided that I was going to be a stay at home mom.  Hubby found a sales job that paid $10/hr or commission.  They also offered insurance which costs us $250 a pay check.  It seemed a little high, but I figured it was better than not having insurance.  

Hubby was immediately well liked at work, and the managers in the company would send him warm leads to close.  His 3rd paycheck was around $4,000.  I was ecstatic!  We were going to be able to pay off our Hospitals Bills and start saving again! Unfortunately, this was short lived.

All of the managers and high sales reps at this company were buddies.  They played fantasy football, went paint-balling, went to concerts, and golfed together.  Their biggest thing was fantasy football.  One day the head of the department asked Hubby a question about fantasy football.  Hubby's response was an honest one, but one that cost him any chance of success at the company.  He said he wasn't into fantasy football, that he thought it was pretty dumb.  He never received a warm lead again.

His average pay check dropped to around $800.  That's when his commission was higher than the $10/hr.  Sometimes he would just get paid the $10 and the check was around $500.  Every couple of months he would have a great paycheck that was around $1500.

You probably are asking, why did he stay there that long?  He began working in the Summer of 2008.  And the lovely economy started to tank.  By 2009 he hated the job and wanted to leave, but couldn't find anything.  Later I found out he hated working there so much, that he would cry on his way to work.   And yet he still went to work everyday.  He would even go in on his days off to try to make more money.

In 2009, we made about $19,000. Even though he was miserable and the pay was terrible, we felt lucky to have a job and health insurance.  Many people were not that lucky. Our credit card balance grew.  We should have gone on food stamps, but I didn't know much about that program and I figured that because we had a job we wouldn't qualify for food stamps.  So I just put groceries on the credit card as well as gas, diapers, formula and follow up doctor's visits. 

Then in August of 2009 I found out I was pregnant again.

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