Saturday, February 26, 2011


I have issues with Control.  I can't stand to have anyone control me.  Just ask my parents.   If they told me to do something I would usually do the opposite just to prove "you can't control my life."  It's ironic that I am in so much debt who's interest is so controlling.  So when I came across this article from No Debt Plan, I was thrilled. I especially loved this part

 "Look at your current financial situation. You’re in your current situation because of decisions you made in the past.  Like the weather you can’t control where you are now. You can’t control being thousands of dollars in debt now."  

Which is true.  I can spend hours brooding over the fact that I was so dumb, and that we are in so much debt, yada yada yada. But that doesn't do me any good.  I have to move forward and control my expenses, my income and my mind set.   Most important I can control what I am doing now to change my current financial situation!

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