Monday, February 7, 2011

Things Start To Look Up

I was three months pregnant when Hubby found four job openings in Law Enforcement, the field in which he always wanted to work.  He applied for all four.  He passed the preliminary requirements for the first job, tested well and was invited for an interview.  It was very exciting to see the light at the end of the tunnel!  Then two days before the scheduled interview, he received a call that the city had ran out of funds and they were suspending all hiring until further notice.  Sigh. At least we had 3 other options. 

Hubby drove 5 hours east for the 2nd job.  It was for a police officer position in a very small town.  About 50 applicants showed up for the testing/interview process.  Some of the applicants drove as much as 19 hours for the interview. About 1/3 of the individuals in attendance were either previous police officers, correctional officers or county sheriffs who had lost their jobs due to budget cuts.  That position was filled by someone who had a great deal of law enforcement experience.

The third position contacted us about a month after he applied and said "thanks but no thanks."  He didn't have the experience they were looking for. 

So that left one job, a correctional officer position in a city 5 1/2 hours north. Ironically, it paid the least, but it was in an area we both really wanted to live.  Two and a half months after he applied they invited him up for an interview.  Two weeks later they called and said that they didn't have the funds to hire anyone for the POST academy starting in March, but it was hopeful they would have funds for the June academy.  We would hear back again in May.  So our fingers were crossed.  In the meantime, I gave birth to a healthy, beautiful little girl.  Gratefully, she didn't need any extra medical care.  We also had medicaid in addition to our Blue Cross insurance my husband's terrible job offered.

2 weeks after our little girl was born, we received the best call of the year.  Hubby was offered a position to start the first week in June.  I cried with happiness!  We packed up our things, put the move on the credit card and eagerly started a new chapter in our life.

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