Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Budgeting our Expenses

I've broken up our expenses into two different categories, based on the due dates. 
The list of our monthly expenses. 

Tithing to
my Church           $130
Rent                    $525
Car Insurance      $62.60
Rental Insurance  $15.82
IRA                     $50
Gas for Car          $70
Electricity              $50
Gas                       $40
Total for the 1st   $943.42-- leaves me $125 extra for groceries, dr visits, ect.

Tithing to my
Church                 $130
Cell Phone            $30
Savings                 $25
Internet, Phone,
& TV Bundle       $89
Gas for Car            $70
Diapers                 $40
Student Loan #1   $50
Student Loan #2   $206.24
Credit Card #1     $10
Credit Card #2     $106
Credit Card #3     $170
Credit Card #4     $20
Loan payment #1   $ 84
Total for 15th $1030.24 -- gives me $38 for food, unexpected expenses.

After we pay all our bills, we are left with $163 to buy groceries, personal items, pay for medicine, or unexpected dr. visits.   Had we not used our credit card, we would have an extra $390 to budget.  Add what I pay in Student Loans and that would be an extra $646 per month.  If only I could go back in time and tell my young self to STOP BORROWING!

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