Monday, March 21, 2011

Tax Refund!

Gracious thanks goes out to Uncle Sam and my amazing tax guy.  Our refund this year was $7900.  When my tax guy told me how much we were getting back I wept.  I was hoping for $4000.  That would give us a good start on knocking out some of this debt.  But $7900?!

So this is how it broke down:

$704.53 Pay off Credit Card #1

$960.30- Pay off Credit Card #2 (The computer)

$5266.02 Pay off Credit Card # 3

$500 to Emergency Fund

$169.84 pay toward Loan #1

$100 Hubby's Sanity Money

$50 My Sanity Money

$50 to my girl's Savings Account

$100 groceries

Hubby got $100 because he never spends money.  Ever.  I would have gotten $100 as well, but I felt that I've bought a few things the past couple months, so I technically already spend half. 

It still hasn't hit me that we paid off 3 credit cards.  Now we can aggressively pay of that fourth card, who's balance is now at $7907.04


  1. Wooo Wooo!!!!!!! Congrats and way to go!

  2. That's a great hit to your debt! Congrats!

  3. Hi I just found your blog through Rhitter but I have to tell you that is great!!!! I am off to read your blog but am really happy that you were able to get rid of that much debt. Oh I am judy by the way..nice to meet you